• How can we support our health and care workforce to implement great innovations that will improve care?
  • What skills do different staff need to get great ideas adopted in different health and care settings?
  • Join this Rapid Insight event and share your insights and ideas!

NHS England’s Innovation, Research and Life Sciences (IRLS) team/Health Education England is working with Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and other partners to scope and develop a national education programme to enhance innovation adoption and empower a culture of innovation across the health, social care and voluntary workforce.

The same session is being ran on two separate dates, to give you options to attend: 22 February and 15 March, 12-1pm.

Proven innovation improves services and health outcomes, yet there’s an absence of consistent messaging about innovation adoption and why it’s central to wellbeing and care. The organisers of this event understand that people working in health, social and voluntary care often require support to increase their capability and confidence to adopt innovation, yet access to consistent quality training from one source is currently limited.

This event will bring colleagues together from across the system, including those who have been involved in this topic previously and those who are new to it, to explore how this new programme can address the barriers and challenges to innovation adoption.

Participation is invited from colleagues across health, social care, voluntary sector, patient and community partners with an interest in:

  • Innovation adoption
  • Behavioural science, evaluation and insight
  • Workforce and organisational development
  • Training and education
  • Digital transformation
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes.

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