Delivering measurable health improvements on a national scale

Our initiatives are designed to advance the uptake and spread of all types of innovation within the NHS and social care, from new technologies to ways of working and service improvements.

Our regional health innovation networks work to deliver these programmes, coming together nationally to facilitate wider impact and ensure improvements benefit more patients, faster.

The reasons behind the programmes

In all national adoption and spread programmes we aim to improve services for patients, enable NHS efficiencies and deliver the best possible care.

Every year, we also look to focus these initiatives more and more on creating outcomes for areas of greatest population need and inequity in health, linking to NHS policies like Core20PLUS5.

Our national adoption and spread programmes

Other programmes and initiatives

Beyond our national adoption and spread programmes, we work nationally on initiatives that focus on underpinning areas, such as environmental sustainability and health inequalities, and on strategic areas delivered in partnership with other organisations.