A shared focus across the Health Innovation Network

While the 15 health innovation networks work to address regional needs with locally-relevant approaches, we all have the same underpinning priorities.

Alongside our national programmes, these national priorities form a substructure that acts as a basis for every health innovation network and the work we do. We also launch and participate in concentrated initiatives in these areas. To learn more about each priority or access relevant resources, simply follow the links below.

Digital transformation

By focusing on digital products and the digitisation of care pathways, we will improve treatment, and deliver better care and more efficient workflows for NHS staff.

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Diversity, inclusion and equality

By championing diverse innovators, shaping systems and spreading EDI best practice we will better serve all communities.

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Environmental sustainability

By supporting the development and spread of technologies and best practice, we will accelerate the transition to a Net Zero health service.

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Health inequalities

By working with diverse innovators and closely with communities, we will develop innovations and improvements that create a fairer health system.

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Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) and co-production

By involving patients, carers and the public in innovation, we can better design solutions for those who will benefit from them.

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Patient safety

By building collaboration and communities of practice across health and social care, we will help create a safer future for the NHS.

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By working closely with innovators, clinicians and commissioners, we will relieve pressure on NHS staff and build capacity and capability.

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