Taking urgent action to reduce pressure on NHS and social care staff

Demand for NHS and social care services is increasing due to an expanding population and a growing number of people living with long-term health conditions. At the same time, upwards of one million people working for the NHS are part of an ongoing cycle of immense pressure and staff shortages.

Our existing models of care will not close this gap between demand and capacity. Innovation is essential to rethink the ways we work and ease pressure on the NHS and social care workforce.

Supporting the development, validation and spread of solutions

The Health Innovation Network plays a key role in the NHS response to workforce challenges. Together, we can demonstrate how evidence-based innovations can drive efficiencies and improvements in methods of working – creating more capacity for upskilling and releasing time to care.

To get a measure of how we’re making better things for the workforce, see the outcomes of our projects and programmes.

The innovation pipeline

Our national innovation pipeline enables innovators to realise the commercial and impact potential of their ideas.

We provide innovators with a range of expert support across the health and care sectors, while working closely with local health and social care professionals to ensure we address their multifaceted challenges.

Workforce initiatives in the innovation pipeline include:

  • Expanding capacity in primary care
  • Supporting efficient communication in care homes
  • Exploiting the potential of digital technology

Get in touch

For more information or advice about innovations and improvements that can support the workforce, contact your regional health innovation network.