Supporting the digital ecosystem in health and social care

We connect industry, academia and the health and care system to enable the development of digital products, from idea conception through to real world validation and strategic deployment through our national network.

See our pipeline of innovation to learn more about how we are supporting digital products and the digitisation of care pathways.

A new age for the NHS

Digital adoption is a cornerstone of the NHS’s Long Term Plan to transform health and social care, improve treatment and deliver better care for patients.

In 2020, AHSNs played a pivotal role in accelerating the multi-year digital adoption timelines projected pre-pandemic – developing and deploying successful digital solutions in health and social care within days.

The resulting efficiencies and improvements to patient experience sped up the realisation that digital solutions are key to making the NHS the most forward-thinking healthcare system in the world.

Digitisation is more effective when we work together

Our network has accumulated years of insight into digital transformation and AI, and we continue to develop that expertise, keeping pace with innovation so we can offer maximum value to our partners.

Combined with our connections to national initiatives, our learning enables us to act as ready contributors – highlighting best practice and recommending validated solutions.

Innovation Collaborative

We’ve partnered with NHS England to develop the Innovation Collaborative, a shared learning network supporting rapid deployment of innovative digital technologies that enable care to be delivered in the comfort of people’s own homes.

NHS England is allocating the funds to ensure rapid scaling of digital innovations – an important step in ensuring a future-ready, responsive health and care service.

These digital tools will improve patient experience by allowing people to:

  • Monitor their own health and wellbeing
  • Manage long-term health conditions
  • Receive care in their own homes when it is sensible and safe to do so.

Get in touch

All 15 of our health innovation networks run local initiatives in the areas of digital transformation and AI, such as accelerator schemes for digital-focused projects. Contact your local health innovation network for more information.