Carefully matching your challenges to tested and adoption-ready innovations

As a health and care provider, you want to offer the best healthcare services to your patients. But you’re often working to tight time frames and budgets, all while considering the wider agendas of environmental sustainability, health inequality, and others in the workforce.

Innovation and improvements need to take health and social care realities into account. That’s why we work regionally to gain a deep understanding of local needs, so we can support innovators to develop solutions that address these multifaceted challenges.

Learn from a network of organisations

We work in close collaboration with the NHS integrated care systems (ICSs) and individual NHS and social care organisations.

By working close to teams and organisations locally, we can support the development, testing and roll-out innovations at pace on a national level. This enables us to create real results felt by clinicians, patients and commissioning managers alike:

  • More effective treatment pathways
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Hours of capacity unlocked
  • More patients seen and treated, without added strain on clinicians.

Tackling key clinical areas of need

We’re constantly working with clinicians and health and care organisations to identify challenges that could be addressed through innovation. This can lead to breakthroughs enabling earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, better outcomes and faster recovery times.

We deliver national programmes in these key areas of clinical need, in partnership with NHS England and the Accelerated Access Collaborative. They include:

Tackling cross-priority areas in the system

We’re also committed to accelerating innovation on a number of system-level priority areas that can benefit health and care providers:

Learn more about our work within priority areas.

Support for health and care innovators and entrepreneurs

If you have an innovation or improvement you are considering commercialising, visit our support for innovators page.

Our programmes

For more information on the initiatives we deliver, and to access useful resources, visit our national programmes page.

Get in touch

Contact your local heath innovation network to access information about innovations and improvements that directly address the challenges in your regional area.