Heath innovation networks work with health and care businesses and individual innovators to help realise the potential of their ideas.

Heath innovation networks provide a wide range of support to innovators, which depends largely on the needs and development stage of their specific innovation. For example, in the case of early-stage innovator support this may include advice and guidance on gaps in an innovator’s value proposition, gaps in their evidence base, and potentially helping to develop a proof-of-concept prototype.

Much of the early work heath innovation networks do with innovators is around helping them to understand the complexities of the health and care sectors.

We’ve collated some useful resources to help innovators learn more about these challenges:

Read our innovator booklet for further information about how we can help health innovators realise the potential of their ideas.

You can also hear from other innovators on our regular podcasts and ‘Meet the Innovator’ blogs.

Find your local heath innovation network

Use our postcode finder to locate your nearest health innovation network. They can advise you on funding applications and signpost you to other heath innovation networks as your innovation develops.

Alternatively, access support from your regional heath innovation network by completing our company engagement form. This will give us the information we need to direct our support effectively.

These terms and conditions set out what innovators can expect from working with the heath innovation networks.