The role of health innovation in tackling health inequalities will be the focus for the Health Innovation Network at this year’s Healthcare Excellence Through Technology (HETT) North 2024.

HETT North 2024, held at Manchester Central on Wednesday 28 February, will explore the systems and infrastructure that underpin and enable a data-driven NHS, supporting the ecosystem to deliver patient outcomes through the meaningful implementation of technology.

The Health Innovation Network will once again host its Innovation Feature Zone – where delegates will have access to a range of innovation experts and chance to speak to 10 innovators who have been supported by the Network and will be showcasing their cutting-edge innovations.

The highlight of the day for the Network will be a roundtable discussion exploring the pivotal role of digital and data in tackling health inequalities.

Led by Ben Bridgewater, Chief Executive of Health Innovation Manchester, experts and leaders from across the healthcare and innovation system will come together to share insight into how digital innovation is tackling inequalities across the north and to discuss recommendations for what more needs to be done to drive this agenda further.

In addition to the roundtable, a line-up of expert speakers from across the Network will be featured in sessions throughout the day, showcasing how we’re driving healthcare innovation in the NHS.

Innovators will be able to book a slot to access expert advice from a Commercial Director at the Health Innovation Network to discuss specific needs in detail, including securing funding, navigating the NHS or scaling up.

The NHS Innovation Service will also be joining the Innovation Feature Zone once again. The service is hosting a live innovation clinic from 1-2pm, offering healthcare innovators the opportunity to have one-to-one conversations with a panel of experts and receive tailored support and advice on how to bring their healthcare innovation into the NHS. Register now.

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Full details of day

Roundtable Discussion: Leading the Charge Against Health Inequities:
3-4pm HETT Insights

At the heart of our presence at HETT North is a dynamic roundtable discussion featuring esteemed speakers and leaders from across the northern health and care system. Together, we’ll delve into the pivotal role of digital innovation in tackling health disparities. Here’s a glimpse of our distinguished panel:

  • Ben Bridgewater, CEO, Health Innovation Manchester: With a wealth of experience in healthcare innovation, Ben is passionate about driving positive change in the Manchester region and beyond. His leadership at Health Innovation Manchester has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and advancing digital solutions to address health inequalities.
  • Dr. Gareth Thomas, Digital Innovation Director, Health Innovation Manchester & NHS Greater Manchester: Dr. Thomas brings deep expertise in digital healthcare and innovation to the table. As the Digital Innovation Director at Health Innovation Manchester and NHS Greater Manchester, he’s at the forefront of pioneering initiatives to enhance patient care through technology.
  • Zoe Wright, Founder of Real Birth Company and winner of an Innovate Award: Zoe’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to improving maternal health have earned her recognition as a trailblazer in the field. Through her innovative approaches to childbirth education and support, she’s empowering women to navigate their pregnancy journeys with confidence and dignity.

Together, our panel will explore:

  • Addressing Deep-rooted Inequalities: Despite efforts within the health and care system, progress in addressing health inequalities has been limited. We’re here to challenge the status quo and drive meaningful change.
  • Exploring Digital Solutions: While discussions often centre around the digital divide, we’re shining a light on the immense potential of digital and data to narrow the inequality gap. From targeted interventions to innovative technologies, we’ll explore how these tools can empower underserved communities.
  • Sharing Insights and Recommendations: Our panel of experts will share insights and case studies showcasing how digital innovation is making a difference in communities across the North. Together, we’ll craft recommendations to drive systemic change and foster equitable access to healthcare.


Cutting-edge innovators

Innovators joining us on the Innovation Feature Zone:

  • patientMpower – a specialist provider of remote monitoring solutions. Our mission is to empower patient-centred specialist respiratory healthcare through digital innovation. We work with clinical centres in the UK, EU & US, across multiple medical conditions.
  • Dermicus – a purpose-built skin solution, transforming the diagnosis & treatment of skin conditions, when and where it is needed.
  • Soar Beyond – Soar Beyond transforms healthcare delivery worldwide by releasing clinical capacity from the existing workforce. Our digital solutions assure the competence and capability of the workforce and are supported by structured and proven change enablement methodologies.
  • PRO-MAPP – At PRO-MAPP, our mission is to revolutionise global healthcare delivery through cutting-edge technology and innovation in the field of Digital Clinical Pathways. Our unique approach demonstrates immediate value and patient benefits.
  • Mobilise – works with local authorities and NHS bodies to identify and support unpaid carers at scale. We have experience of working in over 40 locations across the UK, using data and innovative technologies to transform how authorities meet their statutory duties.
  • SiSU Health – provides engaging employee health solutions, population screening solutions, integrated pharmacy services, and accessible community health services through our self-service Health Station and Digital platforms.
  • Cogniss – the world’s first no-code ecosystem that enables healthcare experts to create sophisticated patient-facing digital health solutions without the need for developers or technical expertise.
  • Blinx Healthcare – a progressive and dynamic company whose mission is to add value to Healthcare providers through revolutionary integrated technology to drive efficiency in complex processes. Our products support patient engagement and digital access.
  • EBO develops AI-powered Virtual Assistants to automate patient-facing processes end-to-end; releasing efficiency, increasing work capacity, and reducing operational costs. EBO’s AI delivers meaningful human-like conversations with patients 24/7, on any channel and in 100+ languages.
  • Holly Health – a personalised health coaching app for patients living with, or at risk of, long-term conditions, offering compassionate coaching for improved physical and mental health.


Here’s a glimpse of our expert speakers and the impactful discussions they’ll be leading:

Keynote Fireside Chat:

Phil Jennings, Health Innovation North West Coast: In this engaging fireside chat, Phil will explore how digital solutions can support the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan Delivery. Join us as we delve into the role of technology in training, retaining, and reforming the healthcare workforce.

Digital Primary Care Stream:

Laura Boyd, UCL Partners, and Clinical Advisor Matt Kearney, Health Innovation Network: South London: Laura and Matt will share insights on turning data into action and transforming cardiovascular disease outcomes with CVDACTION. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about innovative approaches to improving patient care in primary care settings.

Digital Maturity Forum:

Richard Stubbs, Chair of the Network and Chief Executive of Health Innovation Yorkshire and Humber: Join Richard as he evaluates the uptake of innovative technology and discusses the potential for digital to thrive in our current health system. Discover how digital maturity can drive positive change and enhance patient experiences.

Integrated Care Forum:

Jenny Spiers, Health Innovation Manchester: Jenny will lead a discussion on robust data governance and its role in enabling progress on data collection, storage, and sharing across boundaries. Explore strategies for overcoming challenges and unlocking the full potential of integrated care.

Workforce, Adoption, and Productivity:

Kathy Scott, Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber: Kathy will share insights on implementing digital solutions to digitally upskill the primary care workforce. Join us as we explore the role of technology in driving efficiency and improving workforce productivity.

Closing Keynote Panel:

Stephen Lynn, Health Innovation North East North Central, and Mike Kenny, Health Innovation North West Coast: In our closing keynote panel, Stephen and Mike will discuss the importance of partnership in supplier relationships across the NHS. Gain valuable insights into maximizing ROI and fostering collaborative partnerships for positive change.

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