As part of our Polypharmacy Programme, we have developed a range of resources to help patients prepare for conversations about their medicines with heath professionals.

These conversations may be formal – for example, if you are invited for a ‘Structured Medication Review’ with your GP or pharmacist. Or they may be more informal – for example when you meet with other health professionals involved in your care or you wish to raise any concerns you have with your GP or pharmacist.

The resources are designed to help you think about how you feel about your medicines. You might have concerns about any side effects or you might be finding it difficult to manage medicines. They also encourage you to be honest with your health professional about whether you have stopped taking any medicine(s), or if you would like to stop taking some medicines.

Our short film can help you think about the medicines you take and how they make you feel.

The materials below include some example questions you may wish to ask when you meet with your GP, pharmacist, or any other health professional involved in your care.

They are available in a range of languages and include both written and audio versions.

If you have any questions or have problems using these resources, please email our team at