• Report updated: Patient safety in partnership

    The AHSN Network has released an update to its patient safety plan, which reflects progress made across focus areas including managing deterioration in care homes; maternity and neonatal health; medicines safety; mental health; and system safety. The report, "Patient safety in partnership. Our plan for a safer future 2019-2025: Progress report," highlights the programmes and [...]

  • Reflections from our Chair We are pleased to be able to support the NHS Patient Safety Strategy and contribute to the ambition of saving lives and money. Our work across the AHSN Network is wider than the delivery of the National Patient Safety Improvement Programmes and, in alignment with our AHSN Network strategy, will mean [...]

  • A message from our Chair AHSNs have transformed the way the NHS identifies, adopts and spreads promising innovations. In our first decade we have improved health outcomes and supported economic growth, both individually and working together as the AHSN Network. Since 2018 our national initiatives have benefited more than 2.3 million patients, and our support [...]